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 出版作業を依頼していますSpringer社の制作体制変更(制作部門の海外オフィスへの移転)に伴い、JWS 58巻1号掲載論文からInstructions to Authorsを下記のように改訂します(改訂箇所を赤字で示しています)。改訂の要点は以下の1)〜3)に係るものです。
1) 版組変更によりページ数が約20%増加するため、課金システムを改訂
2) 図のカラー印刷
3) offprints
Types of articles: The Journal of Wood Science publishes peer-reviewed Original articles, Notes, Rapid communications, and Review articles, based on the principles and theories of wood science. These articles should be no longer than 8, 5, 3, and 10 printed pages, respectively. Original articles should describe …

Figures: All figures, whether photographs, …. The legends should be placed at the end of the main text. Color figures will always be published in color in the online version. In print, however, they will only appear in color if the author agrees to pay the extra cost for the color printing (See details below). Otherwise the figures will be printed in black and white. Please note that, in such cases, it is authors' responsibility to prepare figures to be illustrative enough to convey the necessary information even after they are converted into black and white. The publisher reserves the right to reduce or enlarge figures.

Fees: The authors of accepted papers, not including Review articles invited by the Editorial Board, are required to pay part of the printing cost as follows: The cost for Original articles, Notes, and Review articles up to 8, 5, and 10 printed pages, respectively, is \10,000 per page; additional pages cost \40,000 each. The cost for Rapid communications up to 3 printed pages is \20,000 per page; additional pages cost \50,000 each. For residents of Japan, the above costs are subject to a 5% consumption tax. Authors are requested to pay the extra cost for color illustrations in print: € 950 / US $ 1,150 (plus VAT) per article.

Offprints: Authors will receive the PDF file (with cover) of their article for free. Offprints can be ordered by the corresponding author.

日本木材学会編集委員長 西尾嘉之


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