The 40th Anniversary Conference of the Japan Wood Research Society held in Tokyo from 6 to 9 April 1995 declared:

"From Fossil Resources to Wood Resources"

As we approach the 21st century, we must reconsider the way civilization functions in relation to the environment. No longer will be able to continue to consume such huge quantities of energy and raw materials and generate wastes which are difficult dispose of. We need to move towards systems which are nondamaging to the environment and which emphasize renewable resources.

When we compare wood resources to other natural resources bearing in mind present and future environmental considerations, the utilization of wood resources is clearly more environmental friendly. This is determined from examining issues such as recyclability, environmental impacts at resource extraction time, used as building materials, raw material stock for chemicals production, demolition and disposal concerns, and energy consumption aspect relation to all of the above. It is becoming increasingly important to move to a life-style which reduces reliance upon petroleum resources to one which is based more upon the utilization of wood resources.

In order to make this change a reality, research must, of course, be advanced, and every individual must decide to reexamine his daily life-style so as to embrace a new way of living which minimizes the burden upon the environment. In short, we must create a new sense of value upon which we base our life-styles.